Bits and Pieces.

I am back!

Yep. Time has flown, and here we are! November, 2022, already.

I have been reflecting on what I want for the future, and this “new norm world” we now live in. Almost just about post pandemic.

So much has happened, in the last almost three years for us all, to put things into perspective. In so many ways.

BP or “Before Pandemic” my goals could have been “do more, do better make more $$, get this, get that..” NOW my goals seem to be so much more simplistic.

I SIMPLY want to get through each day with aplomb, satisfaction with a sense of elegance, innate peace and happiness and a sense of balance running through my veins that makes me feel like I actually contributed to this world.

I want to get up real EARLY in the morning, so I do not miss a f-ing thing. Not the sunrise, not the early walkers, not the stray cats coming for food. I want to walk in the garden with my strong coffee, smelling all the flowers, looking at the sunrise sky, wondering if it will be humid today. I want to talk to God. I want to watch the birds at the bird feeder and smile, I want to be… the MOMENT. I never had this before!!

Did you?

I want to look through ALL my cookbooks, my coffee table design books, I want to get new recipes, I want to get some decor ideas, I want to try this and that, have friends over, meet for coffee, meet for wine, take food to someone who is sick, give back to the community…

I also want, selfishly to fix up my beautiful home, have more Summer BBQ’s, I want to entertain, I want people to feel they can just stop by, I want to create a beautiful shabby chic, cozy space for my peeps and family to ENJOY.

I want to travel to places I have never seen. I want to collect interesting things that REALLY mean something. I want to plan for the future but I also I want to give back.

I do not want to be pushed into some role someone wants me to be in. I want my own role. I want to command my own life, my own life rules, living with ethics and integrity of course.

I want to not care how I look when I go out in my fitness clothes, no makeup, so what? Don’t like it? Not bothered.

I want this segment of my life to ACTUALLY MEAN SOMETHING!!!!

I want to let go ghosts that haunt me, I want to let GO insecurities, “bad mind” people, overachieving goals….as I just want to enjoy each, day, to, the FULLEST.

What are your hopes and dreams for the future?


Neenie xo

What do you want from 2022?

Hi Friends!

It maybe a bit fortuitous but Happy New Year to you all. I do hope that this is the year that we see an end to the pandemic, and a more positive “vibe” coming back, slowly but surely.

I am told that when variants get milder, it points to the ending of a pandemic, but who really knows. We can only hope and that is what we have – hope.

I thought it would be a good way to start the new year on my website / Blog by sharing some new plans soon to come.

My fitness journey has gone from boot camp classes, to weight training, to training and “preps” for competitions… to home workouts all during lockdown (which I posted to social media) and now back to the gym. Over the last six years I have studied, lived and breathed fitness – it is almost like drinking water for me – you may not want to do it but you know you have to 🙂 Over the years I have had so many friends, online and in person reach out about helping them with their fitness journey. I realise that I am passionate about it, write about it, post about it — whatever I do, it is clear many people have seen that I LOVE it.

Posing at my little beach, very rustic but sweet beach. This is me at 54 and if I can do it, anyone can!

Which leads me to the next thing to talk about….age. I never have given my age away on social media – as many persons presume I am much younger than I am, so I feel that is cool. However, I have always been very vocal about wanting to help women achieve their goals at any age, but especially as you hit your 40’s and 50’s and think it is not possible. Well I am here to tell you that it is VERY possible. You can get into shape, change your physique literally, create healthy eating habits and have that balance of life…without extreme measures – and still look fabulous!

I am currently putting together a few online Fitness Programs, ones that I have used for years, and feel I would love to now share with others and I am getting many questions for training, online and in person. I will also have in person training available but only available in Jamaica.

Stay tuned to this space, alot more to come, which I am currently working on. If you are not following me on Instagram yet, you can by following the link on my sidebar – this is where I post alot of fitness content, and under highlights many At Home Workouts which I did during our lockdowns when the gyms were closed.

Here is to a healthy, happier, more positive, FIT and balanced 2022.