About Me


Welcome to my Website!

As a former Blogger of A Fabulous Life in Jamaica, which I retired in 2016 – I am happy to be back and writing again – with a focus on Fitness and all that is associated with it. I will also throw in some beautiful scenery pictures along the way, of the island I call home – Jamaica. I am Jamaican born, with a heritage of “out of many one people.”

Look out for my Fitness Programs coming this way in March 2022, which you will be able to purchase easily right on this Site, Online or in Person – I will also have nutritional guides, healthy shopping lists etc!

IMG_9706The Sunsets are spectacular 365 evenings of the year.

Looking forward to sharing yummy and healthy recipes, tips, supplements I use, gym gear…workouts – I have so many saved and cannot wait to start posting them. Also videos of workouts…etc etc!

I am a certified NETA Fitness Instructor but this Blog is not about instructing…it is about sharing what I do in the form of a fun “diary.” So much more fun to do it that way.

At the end of the day however, I have one word that is my “mantra” and it is called Balance. And that is part of the reason of this Blog. If we do not have that – we have nothing.

Enjoy it, and whatever journey you are on, I do hope you will stop by now and then and read, join in, comment and share.

Little Facts About Me: –

Status:       I am married and have been for years to my real first love

Hobbies:  Weight training, and going to compete for the second time in a Bikini Fitness Competition in Jamaica in August 2018.  Just started Pre “prep” for the Show, as at April 2nd, 2018. NETA Certified Fitness Instructor. Fitness is my passion and I want to teach ladies of my age especially that it is easy to get into shape with a balanced repertoire of meals and workouts. No starving, dieting or over-doing it of cardio necessary!

Residence:  I live in Ocho Rios, Jamaica and used to live in Bermuda for many years…

Career:  I am a Group Public Relations & Social Media Manager at a Hotel Company based in Jamaica


Love, Neenie xo