About Me


Welcome to my Blog!

As a former Blogger of A Fabulous Life in Jamaica, which I retired in 2016 – I am happy to be back and writing again – with a focus on Fitness and all that is associated with it. I will also throw in some beautiful scenery pictures along the way, of the island I call home – Jamaica. I am Jamaican born, with a heritage of “out of many one people.”

IMG_9706The Sunsets are spectacular 365 evenings of the year.

Looking forward to sharing yummy and healthy recipes, tips, supplements I use, gym gear…workouts – I have so many saved and cannot wait to start posting them. Also videos of workouts…etc etc!

I am a certified NETA Fitness Instructor but this Blog is not about instructing…it is about sharing what I do in the form of a fun “diary.” So much more fun to do it that way.

At the end of the day however, I have one word that is my “mantra” and it is called Balance. And that is part of the reason of this Blog. If we do not have that – we have nothing.

Enjoy it, and whatever journey you are on, I do hope you will stop by now and then and read, join in, comment and share.

Little Facts About Me: –

Status:       I am married and have been for years to my real first love

Hobbies:  Weight training, and going to compete for the second time in a Bikini Fitness Competition in Jamaica in August 2018.  Just started Pre “prep” for the Show, as at April 2nd, 2018. NETA Certified Fitness Instructor. Fitness is my passion and I want to teach ladies of my age especially that it is easy to get into shape with a balanced repertoire of meals and workouts. No starving, dieting or over-doing it of cardio necessary!

Residence:  I live in Ocho Rios, Jamaica and used to live in Bermuda for many years…

Career:  I am a Group Public Relations & Social Media Manager at a Hotel Company based in Jamaica


Love, Neenie xo