What a year.

My friends,

It has been awhile, and I thought I would start this Blog up again. As….why not?

This Blog has been mainly about fitness, but this post will be more about this past year and how I kept the balance.

I am in the process also of getting my YouTube channel live and running, and again – will be mainly about Fitness. I hope to have the first Vlog posted there soon, will keep you updated here. Please note I have not uploaded a video yet, so give me a little time, once I do – I will announce it here!

2020 has been a challenging, sad, trying year for SO MANY people all over the globe – and it seems it will continue on this path for now. On a more positive note we know we have been advised that there are two Companies about to rollout the vaccine in a week to the medical front line workers, and to the aged Homes…and then to the older, immune compromised and the general population after. I have been praying all year for this.

Since March, when the Company I work for closed for six months (hotels in Jamaica) I have been on a fitness quest even more than usual, and in my next post I will share some of my “at home” workouts – which by the way, I have posted on my Instagram landing page under “Highlights” – since then, I have been back to the gym, which is a small neighbourhood gym — using it at times when NO ONE in there.

The balance throughout hard times is so important. I also started a journal (finally) and meditation. It has helped me to stay positive each day no matter what.

I will have links below to the Journal I use, the diffuser for meditation, and a few other things that helped me during this time.

The Things that helped me “Balance” this year

Each morning, I take about 30 minutes to write my list of things to do each day (personal and work) yes – I love writing lists even as a content creator….there is something lovely and old fashioned about it, and I will never stop. I also meditate for ten minutes during that 30 minutes “time for me…”

I have been looking at these beautiful leather planners for years, they are a bit pricey but back in March I decided, what the heck, I need this — for balance! If you have never heard of Planner Perfect by Jenny Penton, then please go discover her! She is an Artist and teaches about how to have things you want manifested in your life. Let me tell you a little secret – it works! Jenny is a Life Coach as well as a mom to eight. She teaches about the scripting method – which means writing something like you already believe it has happened.

This is the leather planner I am using now, called the Anastasia, which I love. There are SO MANY choices however!

I would also use my Journal, and record my thoughts each day with this beautiful Journal from Amazon:

This Journal helps me with my daily gratitude and keeping the positivity despite a negative year

My At Home “Veranda” Workouts got me through this year!

I found that when I posted an “At Home Veranda Workout” on my social media, I immediately received great engagement. Everyone wanted to know about the Bands I use, the Resistance Bands, and the workouts. I have it all linked below. Some days I never felt motivated, but I let the better side of my brain click in and after the workout felt 100% better. All you need to make these workouts “work” would be a band, or dumbbells or resistance bands. If you do not have any, then just use your bodyweight. 30 minutes is the key to these workouts, not one minute longer. I still do them when I go to the Gym and there is someone there, I simply retreat back to my veranda….

Getting ready for one of Pandemic LOCKDOWN veranda workouts! With resistance bands and dumbbells

Soon my workouts will be posted on my YouTube Channel, in the meantime as stated above, they are mostly on my Instagram landing page, under HIGHLIGHTS.

The resistance bands I linked above, are not the exact type I use, but those ones sold out….but they are very similar.

My At Home Workouts are a split of upper body (2-3 per week), glutes aka “Booty” (twice per week) and a mix (once) with a rest day. For cardio, I would walk 30 minutes before or after around my neighbourhood. On leg day, as you burn a ton of calories, there is no need for cardio.

I have found that during the lockdown, I loved walking and just being able to glean the beauty of the trees, other people’s gardens etc, it really lifted my mood.

My go to Instagram Accounts that helped and continue to help cheer me up!

At the end of day, I relied upon these amazing people to put that smile on my face. A combo of celebs (who were also on lockdown and decided to cook more, share cocktail recipes etc…), as well as sheer Influencers etc. Here is rundown!

Stanley Tucci

SO FAB all throughout Lockdown and continues to be with his superb cocktail mixing! And just his amazing style.

Kate Hudson

I love that she now has a vodka Company called King St. and the King St. Instagram account is beautiful. Kate also grams about cooking, her fitness line and family.

Katie Couric

I do not need to explain why she is just a GEM. Her IGTV vids are lovely.

Trader Joe’s List

Lord have mercy, how did I miss this lady all along, she is FAB FAB FAB. And you learn FIRST about the new items in Trader Joe’s – a win win.

The Home Edit

If you are not subscribed, then please do. These two ladies have done so well in the last few years! They now have TWO books out, (I have them both) and a TV Show on Netflix. They are also SUPER hysterical, especially when on a plane and anxious.

Rachel Ashwell of Shabby Chic

Have loved this lady since her FIRST book. Love Shabby Chic, ask anyone! All throughout lockdown in the UK, Rachel recorded a journey and her pathway to shabby chic success, what an inspiration.


Love her, and love her wisdom and outlook on life, don’t we all?

I hope you have enjoyed reading this latest post, and promise to be much more active here especially as my blogging will go hand in hand with my vlogging on YouTube soon.

Promised to mention about the diffuser from Amazon which I have in my bedroom and really helps me to relax. I use the lavender oils mixed with rose. Very cost effective amazing little diffuser!

It is light, and cost effective, I have a few in my house and it is very effective.

I do hope you all will continue to get the balance, and here is to better times in 2021 peeps.

One love,


Fave things – November Edition

Hi Friends,

I thought I would write about my favourite things – and this is the “November Edition” as a lead up to Christmas, and for ideas that may help you – whether fitness related, books I am reading and love….my fave Blogs and YouTube Channels right now, and just in general!

I used to do this alot on my last Blog – A Fabulous Life in Jamaica which I retired in 2016.

Fitness – what works for me…and what I am trying



The Buff Bunny Game Changer Bag! In Mauve, shadow, noir and Pearl colors. 

When The Buff Bunny Collection came out with the Game Changer bag – I could have cried I was so happy. I was so sick of dragging around my Meal prep bag to work, with my purse, and gym bag! This game changer bag certainly changes the game a bit in terms of having a space for a “little of everything.” There is a sleeve for your laptop, files, wallet….even workout clothes, plus and the big plus is, a compartment at the outside/bottom of the bag where you can store snacks/meal prep items for that day (note it does not come with an ice pack…) however it is super pretty, made with vegan leather… and very convenient for days I am not hauling an entire set of meals with me to work (that is for the weeks leading up to a competition…) they sell out very fast, I must warn you!  Why I love this Collection is because it is designed by a lady (Heidi Somers) who has been into fitness for years, and has a popular YouTube Channel. However a great idea for a Christmas gift for that busy, fit lady in your life.

Screen Shot 2019-11-19 at 4.57.00 PM

These lifting straps will change your weight training game!

They will literally change your training game. You know when you’re concentrating on holding the bar/handle from slipping out of your hands, these take that away and help you to focus more on the exercise. I highly recommend these for your workouts and to help take you to the next level. I always have a problem with deadlifts when I am trying to level up to the next weight and find it hard on my wrists to hold the bar ++ more weights, well this had changed that scenario!


Screen Shot 2019-11-19 at 9.52.33 AM

My next fave thing is something I literally just purchased about six weeks ago, so I have not been using it long, but love it. I have seen many posts on instagram about it and decided to try it. This Sweet Sweat stick is made up of natural ingredients – coconut oil…aloe vera extracts…acai pulp oil (so it also smells very nice) and it works as it  is activated by your elevated heart rate and may help the body sweat more during exercise. This topical gel works best during cardio, circuit…I use it on my core when I am doing fasted cardio, which is about 3-4 times per week for about 15 minutes right now. I just ordered the Paige Hathaway waist trimmer + coconut oil set and have not tried that yet, but will give a full review on the next Fave Things post. This set sells out fast too.

Screen Shot 2019-11-19 at 10.07.17 AM

The Paige Hathaway Waist Trimmer and Sweet Sweat Coconut Oil by Sweet Sweat – I have not used it yet, but apparently it sells out very quickly!


Organising has to be a HUGE priority in my life as a PR and Social Media Manager for a Group of three hotels and entities, it is a matter of be organised or sink! Well not that intense, but you get the picture.

I have had MANY Day Designers in my life – in fact since the very first one was introduced, that is the one I ordered and loved it – still do. However I realised over the years for me, the agenda itself is very hard to run around with.  When I have press/ journalist hosted visits, or photoshoots and I am on the “ground” running like crazy it is almost physically impossible to carry something that heavy (though it is beautiful…) to me, the original day designer agenda is more of a feature for your desk that does not move. Until I found the newer version “Today & To Do” which let me tell you has changed my game! While only having enough daily pages for three months, it is more of a goal oriented quarterly agenda that keeps you on top of your daily to do’s (same pages as the daily day designer) – it also has a section for weekly to do’s and month to month looking ahead. It is also beautiful to look at and much easier to carry around!  I have had this colour below, and now on the dusty pink which is beautiful.

As a social media manager I need to have everything in the same place – even though each App is individually on my phone I have ONE place where I post and answer comments from my laptop if you can believe – and if you are a social media manager et al, and have not gotten on to Later yet, then you are seriously missing out!  I used to manage my platforms via Hootsuite, but have found Later to be much more modern in many ways. Plus each week there are emails sent from the Later Team with new, innovative ways to post and also giving you tips re anything from scheduling posts to Instagram stories. I find it a HUGE relief whereas once I was much crazier, I am now a bit more sane, when it comes to the day to day management of social media channels.  You can add up to a certain amount of channels on this platform, for example, Facebook Accounts, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest – and post at the same time. Scheduling is also a HUGE help so that you are posting especially to Instagram at the right times of day etc.

Screen Shot 2019-11-19 at 9.36.04 AM

I love using white boards in my office (I have two) for each month and what to do for work. I find them easy to clean and easy to see. I highly recommend having one of these whether in your home office, or at work on the wall. This simple way of writing lists to do for the week / month ahead and having it right in front of you, is a real game changer for me.

Books and YouTube Channels


I am a huge fan of beautiful coffee table books and have been ordering them for years and years. This year I have stumbled across some really lovely, beautiful books that I wanted to share as I feel they enhance the quality of my life in many ways.

The book on the left  – The Live Fit Kitchen is by a good friend and famous Jamaican fit lifestyle entrepreneur and Yogi, Sharon Feanny.  It really is not only beautiful to look at but all about Sharon’s LiveFit way of life in terms of her recipes. There are 100 recipes that she has shared, and let me tell you all delicious looking! I have tried a few, and cannot wait to try more.

The book on the right – Gracefully You – is one  I stumbled across on Instagram on Jenan Dewan’s Instagram Page and immediately ordered it on Amazon as it just looks like something I would want to have in my collection. I have decided that it is such a beautiful book that I will be purchasing more for friends this Christmas!

Fave YouTube Channels:

I follow many, many YouTube channels and they are mostly Fitness related! I follow ONLY channels that will inspire and motivate me, and this includes for Instagram too.


Natalie Matthews – Lifestyle, Fitness, Recipes

Natalie is an IFBB Pro Bikini Competitor, and is a vegan! She also is a wonderfully talented cook and shares many of her fabulous recipes with us.

Angelica Teixeira

If you are into fitness in the bikini competition way, then you will know that Angelica is a two time Miss Bikini Olympia. SHe is not only amazingly fit and awesome, but she shares her 12 week competition preps with us, and is super humble too. She also shares her workouts – which I love.

Ashley Kaltwasser 

A former Miss Bikini Olympia three times – Ashley also has fantastic content – she works closely with Adam Bonilla, Owner of Team Elite Fitness who is also her Coach and also a fabulous resource for competitions and prep.


Kara Corey Fit Life

Yes it has a Fit Life title – but Kara is also about the balance of finding joy in everything she does. So it is a little of fitness as well as everyday life (she is a Registered Dietitian and WNBF Bikini Pro.)

Whitney Simmons

This lady has become hugely popular in the last year especially and vlogs about everything from fitness, to beauty….to home and everyday life – highly recommended! She is also very positive and wonderful to follow.

Other Stuff:

Every quarter I receive the most amazing, fabulous Box of goodies – via FabFitFun. I signed up about two and half years ago, and have never looked back! For $49.99 per quarter, you receive boxes that can literally be worth over $250.00 – $400.00 or even more! It is such a great way to discover new brands, and to also feel like Christmas has come again, three months later. I actually use many of the products in my boxes as gifts to friends, but have also discovered new brands along the way.

You can sign up right here! 

What was in my Fall Box:

Screen Shot 2019-11-19 at 2.41.10 PM


I hope you have enjoyed this November Fave Things Post, and I do hope to post more and more about the things I love in the future!

Jeanine xo