Welcome To My New Blog (again…)

Hello Friends!

It has been eons since I blogged…a few years have gone by and I have had so many questions as to where my Blog just disappeared to. For almost six years I had a Blog named “A Fabulous Life in Jamaica” and I so enjoyed the writing, sharing and meeting of new people along that wonderful “blogging” journey.



This was my icon that represented “A Fabulous Life in Jamaica” from 2011-2016 when I retired the Blog due to being overly busy and having a glitch with Google not renewing my domain.

Then it was time to renew a few years ago (the Google Domain) and for some reason, Google just would NOT allow this to happen!  I heard and read that so many Bloggers were also having the same problem. Long story short, I got fed-up and ended up saving my blog in HTML format to use again one day in the future – at that point in my life I had become very busy in a new demanding job and literally had no time to write or manage it anymore.  I retired that Blog and vowed to start again one day down the road.

Cut to today….where I have been missing it and wanting to write, share and hopefully inspire readers again.  This time,  hope to inspire through teaching about weight training, macros, healthy eating and just finding the “balance” which I am a huge advocate of.

I have been not only busy in the “career” field but also in the “fitness” field, which actually has become my passion in the last three years. Hence the reason for this new Blog – to write and share about my journey into fitness, and along the way the lovely scenes I am surrounded by daily (a dose of the past Blog coming in now and then…)

In the next Post I will share more details about my Fitness Journey and where that has led me, and what I have learnt along the way – and the continuing “journey” of this wonderful world of fitness. I will also be sharing healthy recipes, fave wine (no I am not that churlish not to have a glass now and then!) sharing tips on where to stay and what to do in Jamaica….but mostly, mostly this is about the “umbrella effect” of fitness and what it has done, and continues to do for me.

I want to share, inspire and spread the word about over-doing it with too much cardio + the benefits of flexible dieting and the importance of watching your daily macros.

Make sure to follow me on Instagram to keep up with daily doses too!

I cannot wait to share more and more!


Love, Neenie xo


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