Fitness – What I love.

Hello Friends,

While I work today on my second installment of “From Shy to the Stage” – I thought I would give a run-down on the products I am obsessed about fitness and health wise.

This is NOT a sponsored post. It is stuff I share from time to time, and did so on my last Blog.

Fitness Gear

I love, love these resistance bands from for that workout where you need to challenge yourself more, with dumbbells, or just using on their own. I carry these with me in my Gym Bag at all times.

Speaking of Gym Bags, I love all the bags from Fitmark Bags. I love this Company as I have bought many bags from them and shaker cups and they are all of high quality at a good price, and there is always a sale. In fact use code: NEENIE15 to get a further 15% off at checkout!


This Transporter Tote is super special as it is a Gym Bag + Meal Prep Bag, for you serious fitness peeps.

This is something I have in my gym bag for the times I need to use it on the smith machine or a heavy barbell. Your neck and shoulders will thank you – it is the best squat pad I have found. I like using my own.

I recently ordered these sports bras from Amazon. A pack of three and a great buy.

I would go cray in the gym if I did not have my music. These bluetooth headphones are comfy and have a fabulous sound, plus they are not costly.

I always love wearing these Converse slip on “chukkies” for days of deadlifts and leg days, you just get so much more balance and better form. I have these in two pairs of white, black and high top white I love them SO much. Use them for your leg days!!


Wear this for LEG days peeps. So your balance and ultimately your FORM is not compromised when doing squats, deadlifts and lunges even.


I love using protein powder for post workout in a shake (with almond milk) as it helps to fuel those muscles and help with the repair of fibres, which ultimately lead to bigger muscles. I love chocolate flavours and have had alot of different brands over the past three years but I have to say that Optimum Nutrition, and NLA for Her in the chocolate eclair flavour are my two current faves. I love to make shakes with a small frozen banana, oats, almond milk, ice and a scoop of NLA for Her chocolate eclair when I really need a boost during the day. It is divine, try it!


My fave protein powder right now in this YUMMY flavour. Helps you to really get your protein in for making those gainz ladies!

Let’s keep on track with Sups, I am also loving the same brand – NLA for Her in the Her Aminos – watermelon flavour. Now if you do not take Aminos and are working out hard with weights, you may want to re-consider why. Amino acids help hugely with building lean muscle, enhances muscle recovery, gives you that extra energy and even helps to cut fat. Take a scoop per day for that extra energy you need. I take mine before a workout, and continue to sip it with water in a shaker bottle during my workout especially a leg workout.  My “doms” are not too bad at all when I take this. Delayed onset muscle soreness can occur up to four days after a heavy compound muscle workout, so it is good to have something to sort of counter act that. Nothing wrong with a little pain after a workout, but sometimes it is just really dread after a heavy leg day.


I love peanut butter. However when I stumbled across this Barney Butter almond butter (in smooth), I stopped eating peanut butter and have been ordering this one for about two years. In fact last year back stage at my Show in Jamaica, the girls were going crazy over it…we were eating it on rice cakes, (all we could really eat back stage, one of the joys of competing) – but this sure helped as the flavour is lovely and it is not made with palm oil.  I love it so much that I have an on-going subscription with Amazon monthly where I receive a bottle every month, perfffect!

Barney Butter

I love this stuff SO much I use it in my oatmeal, shakes and on rice cakes, the macros are good, for the fats you need in a day.

If you are not a member of Thrive, then I urge you to become one, and soon!  You will get up to 60% off the retail prices on these products via this site paying an annual fee, but it is SO worth it.  I buy my Simply Organic spices and Kodiak cakes here. The spices are ahhhmazing and so worth it with the lower price.



GIRRRL, (and gents!!) please get these if you have never tried them. A brilliant macros, and taste, PLUS protein is great. I love them before a heavy leg workout on a weekend.

That wraps up my things I love post, I will be posting each month a list of things I am loving fitness and health related. Stay tuned!

Thank you for reading. I hope you enjoy these tips, and make sure you go and order them, your life will be better. 🙂 well your Fitness life anyway.

Love, Neenie xo

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